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Dear Lj land,

You know that that naughty bedside drawer most people have, or the little toy chest, or the satchel of goodies for overnight rendezvous? What item/s is/are essential for your secret sex kit? What do you hope is in your lovers?

This is for scientific purposes only, of course....
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Why, why, oh why?!? Why do they think horrible movies made in the 70's are the thing to show in class? Yes it is a human sexuality class, but I can learn plenty without watching extremely hairy people grope clumsily at eachother, rubbing tight lipped mouths violently around eachother with occasional hard tongues lapping at eachothers faces, while the man gropes at the womans breasts as if they are trying to escape.
Or hairy women masturbating in a clinical setting while scientists shove speculum's, gloved hands, cameras, and rulers up her twat.
To make this worse is the awful tin-ny sound of 70's educational films and class full of young, inexperienced boys who now have looks on their faces as if someone had unexpectedly tried to take a swing at them.
I have never been so turned off of sex.
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Dear God,
We can't even have a lecture on sexual anatomy without falling into comments and discussions on whether we can use the the word "Female" to describe the vaginal area without being culturaly insensitive, or even the word Vagina, as some females who identify as male refer to their pussy as a "cock".
So we have to spend half the class discussing how we can discuss what we are going to discuss.
We are talking about female reproductive organs here. Biology. Not gender. Not self identity slang.

I am over saturated with west coast political correctness in these classes. Quick, somebody tell me a dirty or sexist joke....

*edit - now we are discussing whether we should call the "G-spot" something else as it is named after a male doctor. But not, as the cute gay boy suggests, the "She Spot" as it is gender insensitive.
But we are having quite a lively discussion on whether the squiter open on the internet is real or faked.

Note for myself: check out book New View on Female Anatomy


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