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      Volunteering to bartend for free and not being allowed to keep the tips, not something I would ever do under any other circumstances and probably will not ever do again. But I like the Thunderdome crew and wanted to contribute a little something. Others have sweat for days over the event, I could sling for a few hours.
     I did feel guilty that people thought they were tipping me for rockin' the bar (Yeah, I made the $1 drink taste gooood 'cause I got the skills). It feels deceptive. I have had customers get mad when they find I out I have to split tips even with other bartenders before, so I could imagine people of that sort of mind about their money going for what they intend it would not be too happy. I easily pulled in over $100 in tips in my first hour of bartending.
      It was down and dirty ghetto bar, so we did the best we could with what we had, and considering, I think it went pretty damn well. [profile] uloixia had such and amazing time bartending that she could not be pulled away after her shift and volunteered to do my second shift and others shifts as well. And she looked good doing it. Kit and I switched off supervising and barbacking when Miss [personal profile] trillian was busy with Dome activities. We were quite busy. Keeping beer on ice was a full time job in itself. Thank god for that ice run. It got interesting watching bartenders tend while a girl hanging from hooks in her back's drooping shreds of costume got tangled in the bar as the tenders tried to maneuver through it.
    When I got the message that we were moving to NIMBY, I was also told the event may go later because of the difference in permitting. I was prepared for the long haul. I was quite surprised when things abruptly died off around 2am. People just started disappearing.
It was odd. Earlier it looked like we would not have enough liquor for the night, then about 1 the bar traffic started dying off. I was actually kind of disappointed, still being the night owl that I am.

    The sad part is I did not get to see even one fight, let alone fight myself, and I did not get to see [profile] angryusername perform. I saw her warm up a little, but I was so looking forward to her performance. There were belly dancers on a stage in view, but the lighting was so dim I could not see them either.
    The good part - on my breaks I got to be around a lot of metal sculptures and flaming toys that made deep booming/rumbling noises when fired up. I also got to be around amazing people, some who I rarely see. I got to talk to an old East Bay friend I had not seen in years and thought I may not again. Eric. Good thing too, he is leaving the country in a month. He had changed quite a bit and looks quite well. His long, silky blond hair is now shorn to a spikey fuzz. He had spent 9 months in Hawaii getting paid to do contract work on his boss' house (sounded sweet, I creamed with jealousy). Now he is headed to Thailand to finish up his Diving Instructor Certification, then he is traveling the world diving (Damn my life is boring). I also got to see Gabe who, with his school schedule, has fallen off the face of the planet. I also got to bitch about an old friend who dropped off the face of the planet under ruder circumstances with people who understood, and bitch about girl things with girl-y girls and about high-fashion punk rock rip off things with punk rock rock girls.
    Too many people to go name all the names, but everyone looked beautiful and I was glad to be there. And [personal profile] trillian, you did a good job fretting over the bar details. Hope I was of help and took some of the stress for you.

    I unfortunately did not make it out to see See Colin Slash. Strangely, after getting home late and only sleeping a couple of hours, both Kit and I woke up at 9am. We got ourselves dressed and went out to brunch. I ended up falling asleep again after 5pm and was not awake to go. I just woke up at 1am after several earlier tries. Now, for dinner and back to bed...


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