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My boss shared this thank you letter she received from the teacher of one of the schools I did a couple of presentations. The classes, and the school, is geared toward ESL students.


Just a note to tell you how much my English Language Learner Health
Ed. students learned from and appreciated the presentation. The role
playing, drawings and handouts all helped make the material accessible
for my students. A special thank you to Patricia who was very patient
with students whose English skills are still developing. We look
forward to the receiving the Spanish and Chinese handouts in the mail.

It makes me feel good to know students get something out of us being there. In general I have been surprised at how well students receive us, how enthused they are to participate and ask questions, and how positive and thankful their evaluations are.

Lets just hope I didn't just jinx it all by saying typing it outloud.
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I had never been to the McClaren park area before stepping off the 29 this morning. Trying to figure out where the front entrance of Burton High was a bit befuddling. Luckily, a student who got off the bus at the same time as me was kind enough to show me the way. As we were walking around the east side of the building, he asked me "So, are you a new student?"
I have no illusions that I could pass for a teenager, but knowing that for a second, a highschool kid thought I could, was amusingly flattering.


Sep. 19th, 2008 03:22 pm
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This was fascinating for me to do. I really have no idea what I look like. I don't think I really look like this, or quite this young. This is the first time I have used the camera built in to the computer. I had no idea it had a flash (of sorts). I think I shall play with the camera more and investigate this "appearance" thing.


* take a picture of yourself right now
* don't change your clothes, don't fix your... just take a picture.
* post the picture with NO editing.
* post these instructions with your picture

Also, I admit, this is the second photo I took. Since I can't seem to keep my fingers away from my mouth, the first looked too much like a wanna-be porn ad. I could not make myself post it.

It is so weird looking at me self. Sooo weird.

I really can't stop looking at the picture thinking "That's me?", wondering what other people see when they look at the same photo. I can only see me through the personal filter of my mind and what I know and think about myself.
Again - weeeeeird.
Did I mention I had no mirrors in my room growing up?


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