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I know things will not be fixed instantaneously. There is a lot work to come. But the feelings the results of the election bring is more than just hope in this promising new leader, but hope in the people of America. The fact that the religious zealotry, xenophobic fear mongering, and racial prejudice did not win out this election. I guess financial fears trump all. This is not only a promising move for a country in trouble, it is a historical marker for civil liberties and equal rights in this country. Forever and always in our history from this point, a black man has been elected President of the United States of America. A Black Liberal Democrat. We can start pulling ourselves out the shame spiral created by Bush's regime.

But as bright light shines over America, there is darkness today in California. A step back for both equal rights under the law and separation of church and state. I feel like we should all wear black arm bands in mourning. The passing of Prop 8 is not just a loss to some. The passing of Prop 8 is a loss of liberty and human rights in the State Constitution, a document that belongs to all of Californians. It is a loss of rights for all citizens of California. YOU can not marry someone of the same sex not because of your personal beliefs or desires, but because the State Authority says so. To say that this opens the door to loss of more liberties may seem extreme to you. It is not to me. Today the laws of marriage are based on sex. Tomorrow race. The future, who knows, Dna testing perhaps, or advanced methods of eugenics. And who says it will stop with marriage? Prop 8 was a morality based proposition with the fear based tag of "think of the children." Such motivations are what start attacks on the US Constitutions first amendment. Also such legal thinking can lead to legally mandated church attendance.

Okay, I will stop here. This is quite a rant considering I haven't even gotten out of bed yet.
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 John McCain's concession speech represents why I, and many like me, used to respect and like the man. Had he any speeches that echoed such a mind (and heart) set before today, the race would have been much closer. 

 Now I just have my fingers crossed for a few California and San Francisco propositions. Come on Bay Area... pull out the numbers to defeat this prop 8 thing.It looks as if prop 5 may be a lost cause.


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