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 John McCain's concession speech represents why I, and many like me, used to respect and like the man. Had he any speeches that echoed such a mind (and heart) set before today, the race would have been much closer. 

 Now I just have my fingers crossed for a few California and San Francisco propositions. Come on Bay Area... pull out the numbers to defeat this prop 8 thing.It looks as if prop 5 may be a lost cause.
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Christopher Buckley climbed into my head, organized a bit, added a bit of literary spunk, and wrote it all down for me.

McCain rose to power on his personality and biography. He was authentic. He spoke truth to power. He told the media they were “jerks” (a sure sign of authenticity, to say nothing of good taste; we are jerks). He was real. He was unconventional. He embraced former anti-war leaders. He brought resolution to the awful missing-POW business. He brought about normalization with Vietnam—his former torturers! Yes, he erred in accepting plane rides and vacations from Charles Keating, but then, having been cleared on technicalities, groveled in apology before the nation. He told me across a lunch table, “The Keating business was much worse than my five and a half years in Hanoi, because I at least walked away from that with my honor.” Your heart went out to the guy. I thought at the time, God, this guy should be president someday.[...]

[...]But that was—sigh—then. John McCain has changed. He said, famously, apropos the Republican debacle post-1994, “We came to Washington to change it, and Washington changed us.”



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