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Sometime Tuesday, my Mom, my sister, her husband, along with their podlings, Rachel and Ryan, will descend apon the city of San Francisco. This is a highly joyous occasion, as I only get to see them every 3-6 years.

As before now, my brother in-law swore to never step foot in San Francisco for he was certain the second he did the Big One would strike and all of the city, with him in it, would be destroyed, this could very well be portents of impending doom. In that case, you have been warned. Be prepared.

While they will be here enjoying the respite from the 115 degree weather, we will also be enjoying all the touristiness the city has to offer. I hope to also introduce them to some of the people I hang out with. This is somewhat difficult, the kids being under 10 yrs, as there are many people I really only interact with regularly at clubs and bars. Hopefully, more of my really-real world friends will be available ([livejournal.com profile] voodoosmile,[livejournal.com profile] kitos,[livejournal.com profile] ultraminx I am looking at you, but not only you *stares at YOU*). If only they were here a week later, I could have brought them to the Thunderdome benefit.

Now I am soliciting suggestions for Can't Miss things to do in San Francisco. Of course there is Sutro and Palace of Fine Arts, and we are taking the kids to Exploratorium. But, what else? What is not on the tourist list of things-to-do that I may be overlooking in my numb familiarity with the city? What food can they not leave without trying? Don't bother with "Mission Burrito" suggestion. My family is from Az, and there is nothing that tries to pass for Mexican here that can impress them. And, with all the Italian mobsters that have retired to the Phoenix Metropolitan area, they have plenty of fabulous Italian, Northern and Southern, where they live. What they are short on in Phx is Indian and Thai places. Slightly exotic places. I myself am painfully unfamiliar with Korean and Vietnamese foods, so I am unwilling to try to introduce them to those. They have sushi there, but not like here. (Of all the things to do, my mind is stuck on food. Typical).

Any places you would like to join us to introduce to us are very welcome as well. I really want them to see San Francisco the way I live in it, as well as all the fun touristy stuff.

My sister, is very "normal", a school teacher/mother/coach, but has the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met, and always sees the potential good in everyone and everything (kinda makes ya' sick, huh?). My brother-in-law was/is a basketball playing jock turned basketball coach/teacher/father, but is open minded and fun loving. My mother was a wild-child in her younger days, but has definitely grown a bit more conservative as she hit her 60's. Even so, I know she is proud of my carefree tendencies and unconventional life choices. Unfortunately, my dad no longer feels well enough to travel since the surgery and the diabetes.

I can not wait. I miss them terribly. Yup, I said it, I miss my mommy. And I am not ashamed to say so.
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The lesson of the day:

When a MUNI Meter Maid tells you to sign the citation and if you find the transfer and bring it to the court house and the citation will be dismissed, they are LYING. The "officer" showed up to court and said "I never would say such a thing. I don't have the authority". As [livejournal.com profile] velvetsiren, a very reliable person/source, can attest, she very well did say that very thing. Also, if they tell you signing the citation is not an act of agreement, but just acknowledgment of receiving it, that is also a lie.
But, even though I was technically found guilty, the very nice judge lady permanently suspended the fine. Thank god.
That is one less thing, and a $200 fine, I no longer have to worry about.

Also on a positive note, Kit's last paycheck finally went through automatic deposit and made it finally possible to pay April's rent. Woo hoo!

A small glimpse of light through the grey.
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Kit urged me out of bed this afternoon and away from a tv full of Sci-Fi with promises of beautiful day adventures. We went to eat at a so-so new burger place on 20th ave and Geary. From there we trekked the way up to the Cliff House and Sutro Baths. We watched a hawk catch the wind and hover high in the air in one spot for 10 minutes or so until it spotted potential prey and just sort of let itself drop. A couple of minutes later it came up with tasty snake snack and perched on the side of the hill to enjoy.

After we climbed each wall and sat in every picture perfect place in the Baths we decided to follow a path that led to and through the trees. In my ignorance of San Francisco sights and highlights, I had no idea we were headed for an amazing trail along the cliffs of the coast line that leads to Eagle Point at Lands End. The walk was amazing. So many stunning views. Being surrounded by so much nature one can actually forget how close to civilization you are. I was quite stunned when I came around one bend and ended up less than 15 feet from a very large coyote. I had no clue that there were any wild coyote left anywhere near San Francisco let alone running around in the parks. By the heft of its body, I thought it looked kind of coy, but Kit said that is the normal build of coyotes in the North West. I am used to a bit smaller and reddish to the coat of the Coyotes in Arizona. It was practically wolf like. It took off into the trees, but I noticed it didn't go too far and was watching us from the brush. Probably hoping we would leave quicker so it could raid the garbage cans near by undisturbed.

As we walked and climbed we would round bends into what seemed completely different ecosystems till we finally came to the strangest land of all - the mansions at Lands End. Talk about a completely different universe. "Houses" bigger than towns I have been to. And quieter than any graveyard. We walked the twisty roads till finally found our way out of the strange world we stumbled into.

3 1/2 hours after we began our walk turned impulsive adventure, sweaty, stinky, and disheveled (not that we were that sheveled before we left) we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner India Clay Oven before heading home for an evening of space porn.


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