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Is there a limit to how many, and what kind, of nightmares a person can have before their heart literally explodes in their chest?

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Not sleeping at all the wrong times again, and suddenly overcome with longing for a peanutbutter, honey, and bannana sandwich from the Great Outdoors
I can't explain why theirs are particularly desirable. They are just tastier than homemade. Maybe it is the wheat sub rolls. Their pastrami and turkey is quite tasty as well. Or, at least it was 10 years ago when I last was able to have one.
Not quite as good as a NY deli pastrami, but I will save my NY food cravings for Knishes and Albany Street Hotdogs.
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I got home from school this evening around 10-ish. I was going to be productive and maybe go out. I sat down, next thing I know it is after 11pm, I am sweating, and literally can not pry my eyes open. I sleep and sweat longer, every so often trying to wake myself up and participate in the world, but to no avail. My body is literally heavy with sleep. Lifting an arm is like trying to move under deep water with heavy weights around them. I finally pry myself awake, groggily. I decide to check out dnalounge.com to see what I am missing this evening. And it looks like I am missing a damn good show. I can't tell who or how many people are there because there is only a camera on the stage this evening, and not on the bar or the audience, but from my little sound system and little screen, the band seems energetic and actually good live (imagine that). I wish I had made it out.

I have been doing this a couple of times a week lately. I don't sleep all that well in general. It is not unusual for me to get behind on energy and rest and then make up for my general unrest by involuntarily passing out for a few hours in heavy sleep. What is new is the sweating and general not feeling well when this happens.

I am also tired of wasting so much time on the sleep process. I can spend 9 or more hours in bed just trying to get enough rest, but when I don't actually get that rest in that time, I end up either dysfunctionally tired and/or spending 3 more hours sleeping later. I have less than 11 productive, active hours not spent resting a day (if they are productive at all).


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