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I am having camera problems. I have a Canon Rebel XT. Just XT, nothing special. I have 2 memory cards. SanDisk Extreme III 8 and 2gb. I shoot in RAW. The last series of photos are having issues on the computer. I have Photoshop CS. These photos won't open in CS. Okay, I can deal with the idea that CS is too old to read the Rebels RAW format. I even downloaded the .DNG converter program. I can convert the pics to .jpg through the EOS Digital Professional that came with the camera. This is not the big problem.

The big problem is my camera will not read my memory cards; either of them. I get CF Error every time I try to load either of them. I don't know if this issue is with the camera or the cards. If I hook up the camera to the computer directly, it photographs fine. I can download pics off the cards to the computer then convert them fine. Together, the cards and camera do not work. If it is just the cards, I can scrounge up enough to buy a small card for now. If it is something with the camera itself, that is a whole other bushel of potatoes.

Anyone have any ideas?


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