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Trying now to take a minute to calm down. It is odd how long it can take to recover from a hectic beginning.
I know I didn't get as much done before today as I should have, but I had my morning planned out so it should have been fine. Wake up early and head to school and spend about 20 minutes writing up my outline, then spend just over 2 hours studying for my big exam.
Wake up 9:30 - check. Get up and ready to leave the house by 10am - check. Grab fast pass and student ID....
My fast pass and ID are back to back in a little clear plastic thingy that I specifically remember setting on my shelf in it's usual place so I wouldn't have to search for it in the morning. It wasn't there. I searched everywhere, just in case I was misremembering. I went crazy looking for it. Finally, as it got to be after 10:30, I called Kit at work. "Did you happen to grab my fast pass and ID on your way out this morning?" "No, I don't... Wait, yes."
Which left me screwed. You can't use the word processing labs without your student ID. Now was I not only 45 minutes behind, I spent way too long rushing around the school trying to find a way to type up and print out the outline, which in itself is 20 points of the final project, due today, no lates accepted. I had to type it up on the library research computer, which I got yelled at for by a random librarian (Please to be yelling at the kids looking up cars and playing games on the appropriate computers in the future, k?)and email it to myself, then wait in line at the counselors office to print it on their computer.
After all was said and done, I had only 20 minutes to finish reviewing for my test, which was not enough. I couldn't remember which results were from the Kinsler study and if he used stratified sample groups or not. I couldn't remember the gender roles of the tribe of Margaret Mead's study (which my last anthro teacher would be deaply offended by if he knew).
When I sat to take my test, I had been so hurried and flustered trying to get it all done, I had a hard time reading the questions, just being calm enough to see all the words in each sentence. It took me too long to figure out what each question was asking, and there were subtleties in each one to trip you up. Like in questions in the differences of Social-learning theory and behavioral theory. If you don't notice the one part of the question that refers to the cognitive aspect, you will get it backwards.
I had to try to calm down and breath, so as not to get extra worked up and flustered. I probably should have worked in a Tea somewhere before the test. I couldn't keep LH and FSH hormones straight. Ug. I don't think I did so well.


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