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It is odd waking up at 8:30am and feeling like I slept in.

This is the first time in my life I have experienced Day Light Savings as a benefit. The only time I had to do mornings like this was in Arizona, where we do not recognize such wacky time fluctuations. The way Zoni's see it, days grow longer, then they grow shorter. Put your big kid pants on and deal with it, which should probably be our state motto. It would be a more gender neutral version of Az's current motto - Man Up, Throw Down, or Step Aside

After leaving Arizona, I pretty much only worked night jobs in night clubs and bars. Falling back to the normal time zone always stole daylight from my evenings. I love leaving for work at 8pm and see the sun still shining.

Now, today, I wake at 8 to go to work to have the sun shining through my windows, encouraging me to great the day. Only now it is 8 am. Thank you Daylight Savings Time!
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Today, I get to watch the sun rise on my way to work. When normally I would just be turning on Angel and setting my tv's sleep timer to settle into bed for the day, I was leaving the house. It seems the undependability of the 33 bus is going to leave me in the Mission almost an hour early. Se la. Better an hour early than 5 minutes late.

Today I have a 2 1/2 hour break between 10:40 and 1:20. I will be at the Folsom and 19th street area. If anyone is in that area between those times today and would like to get a bite to eat, just drop me a line.

Or, if anyone has any suggestions of where to eat in the area, I am always looking to narrow down my options and try something new.


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