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2008-10-05 08:43 am
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Early mornings are beautiful. The world feels empty and quiet. I forget how much I love not having people around. I like knowing that they are out there, but at this moment, I have this space and time to myself. This is why I used to love to stay up and watch the sun rise.

I must be getting older; waking up is not even close to as painful as it used to be. A lot of people do not like mornings, they used to make me physically ill.

It is quite strange for me, having to be up in the mornings, aka, having to go to sleep early at night. While everyone else was out boogying their booties at DNA, I was at home, popping a sleeping pill and drifting off to Lord Of The Rings. Tomorrow, I must be up and on the bus by 8:30am. Tonight 2 of my all time favorite bands are playing at DNA, Slave Unit and Babyland. I will probably not go. Having to be up by 6:30 means bed before midnight. I am tempted to go and see how much of the show I can catch before having to go home to sleep. Knowing me, this is not a good idea. I tend to get carried away by faulty logic swayed by my desire to stay. Alas.

But, what I am doing is important to me. It is worth it. Mostly. And I get to enjoy gorgeous mornings such as this. I just wish someone would unlock the bathroom door.
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2008-04-30 03:49 pm
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Tomorrow is the "Big Day". My first (and hopefully not only) day I present as a representative of Project Survive. I am a bit nervous. While most classes are easy going for the most part, there is still the idea that one is potentially challenging what people were brought up to believe and have believed their whole lives. Will I be able to make good arguments on behalf of Project Survive if challenged? And will I be able to do so without being argumentative or aggressive? I sure hope so.
Even more intimidating, next week I have to do a very similar presentation, Expect Respect, only for highschoolers. I know my friends were little shits when we had presentations we were forced to sit through. Man, we resented having a bunch of b.s. forced upon us. But, I hope, what we have to present is not bullshit, and is actually engaging and relevant.
This semester is coming to a close quickly.
Send me good wishes!!!
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2008-04-18 02:52 am

Men's Work

Reading [livejournal.com profile] dali_drama's recent post really got my blood up. And I couldn't help but think of one of the books I am reading "Men's Work" by Paul Kivel.
If you have hung out with me in person recently, you probably have heard me mention this book. Paul Kivel does work with Oakland mens groups, including workshops with men soon to be released from prison. It is about the relation of how men are raised and violence and sexism.
In the book when he asks a couple of the guys in the prison program "if you are walking down the street and get turned on, does that girl owe you anything [sex]
?" and they answere "[Yes]If she is the one who caused it".
There are a lot of these kind of statements. Statements that show there are still a hell of a lot of men who still think of women only in their relation to men and what they provide them.
Having to deal with men in this fashion is one of the most frustrating, anger inducing, and dehumanizing things in females lives. And we are often made to feel oversensitive and overemotional when we react to not being allowed our own space, our own feelings, and just the general respect men expect on a daily basis.
Yes, this is a sensitive thing with me.

*end rambling rant*
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2008-04-17 03:35 pm
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Having a conversation in class about what kind of programs for educating youth on sex and healthy relationships are available for 4th - 8th graders, I think back to the sort of presentations I was forced to sit through as a child, I am left wondering.
How much influence has years of people in bear costumes and squirrel costumes talking about "good hugs" and "bad hugs" had in creating Furry Fetishism?
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2008-04-11 03:29 pm
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is not
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2008-04-01 03:35 pm
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Just to show that my ending sexual violence classes are not all "men are evil/women are saints" as Kit likes to tell people -

While practicing giving Project SURVIVE presentations, I just had to somewhat graphically describe in front of the class how it is physically possible that a woman can rape a man.
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2008-02-19 11:35 am

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I am trying to keep a positive outlook on the world this semester, but it is difficult at times. After all, the names of my text books are:

I Never Called It Rape;        Robin Warshaw
Men's Work: How to Stop the Violence That Tears Our Lives Apart;         Paul Kivel
You Can Be Free: An Easy-to-Read Handbook for Abused Women;          Ginny NiCarthy

And a couple of texts on HIV and Safer Sex.

I try not to take school home with me, but, as I said, it is difficult sometimes. (So men, if I am glaring at you like you are evil scum, don't take it personal. I am just reflecting on the violence and repression you cause in our poor, female lives I am forced to face for 8 hours a day, 3 days a week **).

So, thank you [profile] velvetsiren  for your recent post.
 It amused me much. And I am printing it out for my teacher.

** - Don't worry, during those same hours, I am forced to face all the evil I inflict on the world by being part of the oppressive white majority, and yes, we do go over how women can be, and are abusive as well