Apr. 30th, 2008

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On my way to class today I sat through one of the most painful MUNI conversations ever.
These 3 girls... I am not sure where they are from. They spoke with flat vowels and really round R's and round, almost Canadian, O's. They are the modern, MTV Pop music, Baby Phat version of Peg Bundy. Large gold earings, tight designer jeans, etc. ...
What I caught (as much as young girls whose conversations happen at full volume are "caught" and not "bombarded") when I first got on the bus was the horrors of short hair. Why would anyone ever cut their hair short - they must not be able grow their hair. The worst thing to happen to one of them is when she went to get her dead ends cut off and her hair was cut to just below her chin. "She didn't cut my ends, she cut my hair!" Another girl saw a girl with her hair cut at cheek bone length. "her mom and her stylist kept tellin her it was 'cute'. They kept sayin 'you are starting to get some good length' and I was all - length? Tha's bald. She is bald." They also came to a consenus that girls without earings is just unattractive.
Then, they were discussing lyrics and one says something about how he should have said blah blah blah "thee" blah blah.
Another one replies "this ain't 1930 when people spoke Shakespear n shit".
At this, I could not control the sense of ridiculous amazement building up in me and I let slip a snicker. Then the MENSA member of the group, obviously feeling a bit embarrased by her friend making them all look dumb speaks up. "1930? Only you would say that. Shakespear... More like 1730".
That's when the 3rd girl, babbling, say's "Y Z, what comes after Z?" to which, our MENSA member reply's "Zero". The girls giggle. "No. It is." at which we all got off the bus and forever went our seperate ways, never to be enlightened by their world views again.

*type o's and funny misspellings courtesy of my BlackBerry Pearl.


Apr. 30th, 2008 03:49 pm
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Tomorrow is the "Big Day". My first (and hopefully not only) day I present as a representative of Project Survive. I am a bit nervous. While most classes are easy going for the most part, there is still the idea that one is potentially challenging what people were brought up to believe and have believed their whole lives. Will I be able to make good arguments on behalf of Project Survive if challenged? And will I be able to do so without being argumentative or aggressive? I sure hope so.
Even more intimidating, next week I have to do a very similar presentation, Expect Respect, only for highschoolers. I know my friends were little shits when we had presentations we were forced to sit through. Man, we resented having a bunch of b.s. forced upon us. But, I hope, what we have to present is not bullshit, and is actually engaging and relevant.
This semester is coming to a close quickly.
Send me good wishes!!!
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