Aug. 26th, 2008

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The craziness of my weekend and my (apparently) irreversible sleep schedule became evident when Monday morning I had to get up early (for me) for a job orientation. After only 2 hours of sleep, I still got myself up and was even early for the orientation. But after, the ick weighed heavily upon me. Exhaustion made me headachey and sore. And poor [ profile] bastardsun was very patient and nice as I failed to play the good host for the little time I get to spend with him this visit.
Sunday night, after a failed attempt to take him to Cinderella's for late lunch, he came out to DNA for the show. He is not that big on the live shows, but he patiently waited and watched the show while I worked. Lucky for him, I got cut early, and took him back to my place where I tortured him with Stargate. When he couldn't take any more of that I tortured him some more with Star Wars Battle Front on my antiquated X-Box till he was too sleepy to endure any more. I failed to fall asleep for some time. After my orientation, we had yet another failed attempt to eat at Cinderellas, we went back to my place where he entertained himself with computer and video games, all the while, inbetween snores I whined about feeling ick. [ profile] bastardsun was a very good and patient sport and I was a bad, bad hostess. I feel bad.

NOW, I am rested and preparing for my trip to BUMBERSHOOT. But here is the rub. Our friend has cancelled on us. While we got a refund for the train ticket, we are still stuck with an extra Gold Pass for the weekend and need to try to unload it. The money would sure help out. We are still stuck paying for the extra large hotel room.

SO! If anyone is going to be in SEATTLE and wants to spend a day or three at BUMBERSHOOT with us, let me know. I figure if we can not sell the 3 day ticket outright, we can split it between 3 people who want to go only one day each. Gold Pass definitely has its advantages. It is $195, as we are not charging any of the handling or service charges. Or, about $66 for a single day.


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