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As I sit at the bus stop twiddling my thumbs and watching the cold carry my breath into the air during the 20 minutes between busses, I can't help but think "Why do I do this to myself? Let someone else be scheduled for the early morning classes. It'll get covered. I shouldn't be signing up for presentations yet. I am still behind on my project and have a test later today."
Then I have to remind myself I do this because I love it. Sure, there is some money. It is only a couple hours a day, but the pay is decent. But really, as frustrating, heart sickening, and tiring this can be, I love doing it. And I work with some wonderful people who never cease to amaze me in their handling of difficult, even scary, kids.
But I can't help wishing I were still in bed. This eratic schedule is wearing on me. Up till 5am one night, up at 6am the next.
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Today, I get to watch the sun rise on my way to work. When normally I would just be turning on Angel and setting my tv's sleep timer to settle into bed for the day, I was leaving the house. It seems the undependability of the 33 bus is going to leave me in the Mission almost an hour early. Se la. Better an hour early than 5 minutes late.

Today I have a 2 1/2 hour break between 10:40 and 1:20. I will be at the Folsom and 19th street area. If anyone is in that area between those times today and would like to get a bite to eat, just drop me a line.

Or, if anyone has any suggestions of where to eat in the area, I am always looking to narrow down my options and try something new.
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Yippies like the most annoying music. I swear I thought the DJ was having issues with his cd skipping. The repetativeness is ridiculous. I am talking a minute and a half of a beeping noise and drum machine without change. Then the whir-whir-whir comes in over it. Each song is the same story. This is repetative even for house music.


Apr. 21st, 2007 04:44 pm
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The ringing in my ears is getting progressively worse. It used to be that if the tv was on, I could no longer hear the range of fuzz and ringings in my ears. Now I hear it in the background of everything. Like standing in a room of humming and whirring machines.
I know I need to go invest in some major ear protection, but it just always seems like a big expense. But I just have to convince myself that just under $200 is worth the future of my aural health.
Its not like after years of working in nightclubs and bars I have acquired any health insurance. There will be no workers comp if I go eventually legally deaf or any way to pay for operations or hearing aids. $200 now will save so much later. I just got to find a way to make it happen.

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Almost everyone has heard about the Dustfish thing that is happening tonight. I say almost, 'cause if I hadn't been given an opportunity to possibly work it, I would not have heard of it myself.
I would like to work it. I think I will be able to get a ride from BART. Cat gave me the # of someone who said he is willing to give a ride from BART. But I am worried about getting home. I have no planned ride home or even to BART to get home, and I would rather not wait till 8am to just start getting home.
I know people will be staying till even later, but I was hoping there was someone who planned on leaving earlier, like by 4am, that might be able to give me ride back to the city. I would like to be back in time be awake and shiny for Djinnaya's b-day gathering at the De Young tomorrow.
I have done east bay adventures before and getting stuck out there with no way home sucks big donkey dick.
Can anyone help?

Teh Suck

Jul. 8th, 2006 11:01 pm
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I picked the wrong night to stop sniffing glue



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